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Is the Paul Stuart still available?
If only these were in 8 or 8.5....
Still available?
I'd to take a look at the pair of 8's
I ended up going with the finamore, fantastic fit!
thank you all for your tremendous help!
Quote: Originally Posted by ohm Use the search function to find out what people think in terms of quality and go to the different brands' websites to get an idea of what their RTW selections look like. I have searched the four brands on this forum. There is not much information on the quality of dege and skinner rtw and russell and hodge. I am asking for information on these two brands. Aswell as the superior shirt out of these four.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria If you could show us photographs of you wearing each one, we could give you some idea of which one fits the best. - B I dont own any of the four. In terms of fit, i mean which would have a slimmer or more modern cut.
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