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i pay an extra 31% + brokerage fees almost every time. americans always say they don't get hit. maybe you could have a friend or family in the states proxy and then ship as a gift next time i have to visit some family in the states ill have shoes shipped there and save several hundred or even a thousand plus
i cut back on my child's medicine. looking for cheap chinese alternatives now
For those that haven't handled a Glaser briefcase, it's built like a buttery soft tank. It's very sturdy. And the hidden outside pockets allow for quick access to documents you might need while traveling. There are also some rivets on the bottom so you dont have to worry about getting your bag dirty or scuffed when setting it down. They really do make a great travel case. I'm really diggin these right now from the armory but they might be too small
i highly doubt there would be anything more memorable than having and videotaping a 5some with 4 prostitutes of different races
you have these shoes on the front page of your blog. come on now...
i don't get it. what's the point? the sun is going to burn out in 5 billion years and destroy everything anyways
try a store that sells lumberjack clothing/equipment
that basement floor gives me a semi
god i can't stand when my teammates turtle. the team that isn't aggressive early usually loses i play mostly 3v3, 4v4 (plat) i just played with a guy who had 7000 random 4v4 games under his belt. he was near top diamond. also had 7000 games 1v1 diamond. but i investigated further and saw he was only bronze in 2v2 and 3v3 random cause he didn't have thousands of games played yet (he had plat in 2v2 and 3v3 with a partner, only 5 placements games played each). guy was a...
i love this shoe. unfortunately i bought the wrong size =/ it was my first C&J buy over the net. i'll be posting them on B&S tomorrow (spam). worn several times. size 8UK (7.5UK fits me better). or maybe i'll just wear them with really thick socks as a winter beater...
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