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rest in peace sweet princess
just saw this. not bad. not sure if it's been mentioned before. http://cgi.ebay.com/Herringbone-OLD-...item41472aec11 i also think padronlover's RLPL messenger bag in the B&S right now would make a nice camera bag too with some padding mods. too small for me though. i use a black 7 million dollar home. fits up to a body with 4 lenses and a flash. doesn't make me look like i'm carry around a camera. more like an older student
no shoe box
i have the one in navy with heather gray interior. i wear it all the time. i think it looks great. that is all.
i've turned down chances to go back to a girl's place because just the thought of my allen edmonds without shoetrees causes ED
im confused. so 2 lenses or one? used or new? how many memory cards?
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Slimmer, sleeker and more modern than the 888 and 82 lasts? Those are as slick as I like to go before heading into pointy-ville. Sounds no bueno to me. maybe they'll go blake stitched
1000 a month in 2006-7, teaching english in thailand. i lived like a king though. barely had to work and lived in a hotel on the beach
ya, i would pick these up in a second if i thought they would fit my 8.5 feet comfortably. love tobacco suede
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