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oh, and check out the mens section here, not the boys
i have a SW aquarium. it's a pain the ass. too often i think about tearing it down but too lazy to do so
nice price
A few things in my closet that aren't getting any use. I need to stop being a hoarder. All prices include regular ground shipping CONUS. My Canadian brothers will get a $5 discount on all items. Probably have more to come. Mostly pants. Interesting vintage watch cufflinks - $50 Bought on the forum some time ago. Made from real watch movements. Too big for my skinny wrists. Diameter of 22mm not including crown. The back of them aren't sexy but nobody would see it...
i think he means the older 50 with the metal mount. these are more desirable than the newer plastic ones. great deal at 70!
looks like something a 5 year old boy would wear
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon I absolutely love those Paul Smith boots. they were the most i've paid for shoes. bought at retail in japan so you can only imagine! they're surprising well built. they're my most well worn shoes, worn almost every day during a 6 week backpacking trip with lots of rain, and i use them in the snow here, and they still look like they've only been worn a few times including the soles which are dainite....
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare Nice, details? clockwise from 12. Prada chelsea boot Paul Smith by Cheaney (Japanese model) Barker Black Wallace JL Luffield RLPL Mackay C&J Lowndes Polo jodhpur boots by C&J Hugo Boss derby (pre-sf, at full retail it's my i-don't-care-if-you-step-on-it clubbing shoe now) C&J Edgware RLPL Grant C&J Belgrave Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha +1 interesting white G&G's i...
was moving around my shoes today so i thought i would throw together a pic of some of my babies
Quote: Originally Posted by ganziyama Sounds amazing. What would we do if we met up though? meet at channer's and try on hugo boss and allen edmonds and tell each other how good we look
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