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i don't have an ebay account (i hate ebay. account was hacked and items were unknowingly bought) can we purchase any of your items off here instead?
most students can barely afford to buy beer. wtf do you expect
nice. will pay a visit tomorrow
pm sent edit: sorry. didn't know it was a half size too big. awesome deal though!
are you asking if its worth 1395 or if it retails for 1395?
^I was in great shape when I left but didn't realize how much of a toll travel would take on one's body and strength. I didn't realize I would be doing so much walking either. Plus I didn't want to look like a tourist.
I've got one. Really good bag for 200 dollars. Lots of room and very light. Received lots of compliments while I travelled/backpacked with it around the world. People thought it was an expensive bag (non SFers of course) Downsides: has a bad leathery smell that never went away. it rubbed off onto my clothes (i had to keep fabric softner in my bag to help with the odor). it also scratches quite easily. one side of my bag is all scratched up but it probably wouldn't...
It's Raining Men they always play that at least a couple of times at the bar i go to
PM sent for #3 and #10 in sizes 15
do you have any pictures of someone wearing it?
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