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start a 365 project where you post a photo every day on some blog/facebook/whatever it forces you to take a lot of photos, think about future ideas, put those ideas into action, and want to improve your skills DX means crop sensor right? then the 50mm would become more of a portrait length lens which i don't find very useful for anything outside of portraits. a 35 would complement it well. i love 35 on both crop and full frame 50 1.8 is great for indoors though....
i would just kindly tell them that the odds are one of the two marriages on that day will end in divorce and you are leaning towards theirs not working out. then politely say you don't have time to attend meaningless events and spend money on gifts that will go to waste in a bitter divorce
Quote: Originally Posted by Chico2007 specialized prop. from Ontario, = nat gas? i do short-term algo (black-box) trading of US equities
lol nah. i'm a very specialized prop trader so if people want to talk about short-term trading i can chime in (holding periods < 1 day). so my guess is just as good as anyone elses when it comes to the type of trading most people do but this market just keeps going up and up on air. don't really know what to think
sup guys
this stuff tastes good on a hooker's breasts right? if so i'll have to find some before valentines day
Quote: Originally Posted by aon My latest pair: i think i just found my next pair of shoes. very nice!
back to non-business photos. just picked up this lens a few days ago. i think it's my favorite now. zeiss distagon T*2/35 ZE on a crop. SOOC in low light
I tried 3 different shots for you. All shot in a light box with 2x500watt lights at the side. What I noticed while doing this was that what really makes a diamond sparkle is the movement of light or your line of sight. Stationary light doesn't really give it that sparkle so it might be hard to capture it in a still image. Also, you said you use an expo disk to set custom white balance but then you use AWB when you shoot. Have to set the camera to custom WB or edit in...
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius I'm using the 50mm Canon Macro lens. For lights, I have two florescent lights on the outside of a light tent. I don't care for the bokeh. My goal is to pick up the right color as well as the sparkle of the diamonds. I just tried it at 2.8 and ISO 400 and did not see any difference. ...and the actual color should be hot pink. when shooting in a light tent you have to do a proper custom white...
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