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what kind of position do you want exactly?
i don't like that lump on his left shoulder. should've gone bespoke. don't like the collar either
Quote: Originally Posted by gort This is a nice idea but I imagine the cost of a hotel ends up making it a pricey night. Ya, but taking her to your place and risk waking up the wife could be much pricier.
i focus for about an hour a day, then chill for the other 5.5 while my automated software does all the work for me but i only got to this point after working non-stop every waking hour for over a year
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg I personally haven't used either, but from what I've read the 15-85 does not give up much optically or in terms of build to the 17-55 (actually I've heard that the 15-85 is better built; maybe someone else can confirm). Since you seem to use the long end of the 17-85, I'd think the 15-85 would be a good bet, plus you'll gain the extra 2mm on the wide end (which is pretty substantial). I have the 17-55 and I...
nobd, what kind of photography do you like to do most? or where do you do most of your shooting? indoors, outdoors, night time, etc 85mm is pretty close to 100 but they both have different uses. i own both a 85 1.4 zeiss and 100L macro. the canon 85 1.8 is probably the best lens canon offers in terms of value. if you like to shoot portraits, especially women, then the 85 1.8 is gold.
how bout the 17-55 2.8 IS if you don't need the extra reach. it's the best zoomable lens on a crop (24-70 2.8 might have a bit nicer colors but it's heavy, no IS and the weather sealing doesn't mean much when no crop bodies are sealed)
your story sounds exactly like mine to the T. i couldn't even bend that day, took a couple weeks off and went back and made it worse. chiropractors... i'll leave my comments to myself. charlie harper is right though. i saw one for a few sessions. they just apply some heat and crack your back. i can do that myself thanks. go to a doctor which will refer you to a physical therapist (mine specialized in sports). they'll know what's up and give you a proper treatment. my...
90% of my workday is spent monitoring systems that aren't doing anything 90% of the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBear Collective List of Anything Classy /thread ftfy
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