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Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd Me too. I've been lugging that and the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 around but am flirting with a walking-around lens instead. I like the idea of the 24-70 f/2.8L but not the price tag 85 is my favorite too for portraits. Next is 35mm which I use as a general walkaround. Picking up a 135 today to complete the holy trinity 24-70 is overrated IMO. You won't like it if you're used to the quality and speed of...
When you go to Thailand, party it up and get really drunk and go home with what you thought was a hot girl but you pass out only to wake up later to find out you're getting raped in the ass by "her" and you then beat his ass and the police come who then force you to pay the the guy because he's a prostitute and he provided his services for you. And then 3 months later you find out you're HIV positive.
nobd, what lenses do you have now? i remember you said you shot indoors mostly. maybe a couple of fast primes would be a better choice. sigma 30 1.4, sigma 50 1.4, or canon 85 1.8 are affordable choices. once you go prime you never go back
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 I have been using IBM/Lenovos for the last decade. I currently use an X301. I think it is the best laptop ever made. I have 8GB of RAM in it, a Verizon WWAN card, and a 256GB SSD. It has a six cell battery and a three cell battery in the option bay. It has a 13.3" 1440x900 screen with an extremely bright LED backlight. It weighs 3.2lbs, has the best laptop keyboard in the world, has better fit and finish than...
nice work everyone. some mirror and window type of shots for today
so you want to run a trading desk, yet you're lazy, don't like stress, you're tired, aren't willing to make sacrifices, don't want to code or do math, and like to dream. good luck.... with a scientific masters you could teach high school science.
i'm really wondering if you're trolling...
what kind of position do you want exactly?
Quote: Originally Posted by gort This is a nice idea but I imagine the cost of a hotel ends up making it a pricey night. Ya, but taking her to your place and risk waking up the wife could be much pricier.
i focus for about an hour a day, then chill for the other 5.5 while my automated software does all the work for me but i only got to this point after working non-stop every waking hour for over a year
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