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fit is nice for us asians. quality is shit. i like the women's suit styles and fits too
has a horse face like SJP. no thanks
I have the 14mm samyang and it's incredible. Blows away the 14L at 1/5th the price. I don't think the 85L or 50L are worth the price. The 85 1.8 has such a better focus system and its equally as sharp. The 85L only has one use and that's to make girls look beautiful at 1.2. But if you're shooting at f/2 or higher there's no point in owning the 85L unless you need the weather sealing (but then you'd need a 1D series body to match). The sigma 85 1.4 and 50 1.4 are both 95%...
tell me about it! i usually shoot with manual focus primes so it's even harder... i always get back crappy pics
hey cranes. do you shoot any digital or is it all film? if you're shooting events that's gonna be a lot of rolls of film!
thanks. if you thought that was bad, you should've seen all the shoes his people provided for him. very pointy, very square-toed definitely not SF approved
Hey guys. These are the final photos they ended up putting in the magazine. We had to submitted about 15 to their people and they picked a few, then the magazine's editor made the final choice and did the editing himself. I think the darks/shadows are too clipped for my tastes, and I probably would've soften the veins in his hands, but otherwise I think they turned out pretty good. It was my first print and we'll see where it goes from here! [shameless plug] You can pick...
I own both those lenses and I did a comparison of the bokeh and they looked very similar to me. I never really use the 100L for portraits. I find it's a bit... sterile. Plus you'll have to do some skin softening cause girls won't like it. Now the 135L, that's my favorite canon lens. It should cost more than it does really. There's just a certain feel and quality to the pictures when shot wide open that's pleasing and the background separation is quite nice, almost...
fuji x10 will be the best choice by FAR. will be released nov 7th if you can wait. it's stylish too (since we're on a style forum)
as for the 70-200 f/2.8 IS vs f/4 IS, i say get the f/4 if you want it as a walk around and for general photography, and the 2.8 for doing work. the 2.8 is big and not really a pleasure to carry, and it really makes you stick out (i prefer not to when im walking about). both are incredible lenses.
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