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Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red This is like getting back your innocence. Losing one's innocence all over again - who could ask for more!?
Sartorio was purchased from Attolini several years ago. It is a *lesser* labels, but what that means exactly is unclear (as you noted). A play to the younger audience, at a lower price point with less intricate handwork but similar styling, is the opinion the Vaclav in me has.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I just received my dole check. Where is ernest to help me find sales on Hildeetch? For f's sake...! Ernie, babaaaaay! Wanna play a few rounds of chessmaster!? Less of my late eve posting from me - and later too much of my detox rambling. Wow, I really did miss SF! Enough of that, however. G'eve, all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaclav "Once again, back is the incredible The Trad animal The incredible V. Public Enemy #1 Five-O said ";Freeze!"; and I got numb Can't I tell 'em that I really never had a cumber bun? But it's the silk that the Horace-X spun" Eastern European poets languish in the verses cited by our above, own lyricist.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy I suddenly feel so naked. LOL Well put, Sysdoc... A, only at your expense, my friend... All in good fun!
Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy Ahhh...everything is back to normal and all is right in the universe. HA. That was just my elbow, manton - in accordance with WHO suggestions of how best to say hello!
Hell, never posted on this thread. Now I have. Black suits are for the undertaker. And, btw, people actually do call me H-Bomb ---- not that that has anything to do with my personality; in fact it was simply the consequent quirk of having a name beginning with the letter h... no, really.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Bring back ernest! YES!!!!! Arethusa - good call... you beat me to that.
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman We don't need to find the various characters; they will find us soon enough....
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher You know, I'm seriously a bit surprised we haven't seen Grayson* sneak back on. Just a matter of time, I suppose. *I was going to type "you know who," but that list of possibilities is just too broad and deep. I'm very nearly hoping for the Big E and the one whose name shall not be mentioned to make an appearance. Mr. Havel is back in his home country, by the way, messing about in the political machine...
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