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Shame it's a bit long for me. Quite nice...
Love the implied, "Amateurs need not apply."
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS You can say fucking, btw. Jon. Dear Sir, Your suggestion for use of such language in public - at all, for that matter - repulses the gentleman's core sense of etiquette; I will henceforth engage only in the polite discourse found on other fora. Yours disgustedly, Dorian Gray.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Really tragic about his mother... The forum is alive with wisecracks... F-ing love the humour 'round here today! I need a translator.
Yes, I would guess he refers to the one who shall not be mentioned... That's what I thought immediately when reading the email, and then exclaimed in disbelief, "naaaah, couldn't be..." --- buuuut.......
Quote: Originally Posted by darkoak I also use Peppino, but I always insist that they write down what I want on a small piece of paper which gets pinned onto the part of the suit being altered. I never get any misunderstanding this way. He's brusque but he'd listen and do what you want if you insist. Hmmm... with which blunt instrument do you insist?
Beat the thing to a pulp a la Office Space, taped and dubbed, then C.O.D. to Ernie - with said film on enclosed cd, and note saying 'dunheel is no more.' And then allow him to post for a few days - it will be priceless! At the very least, the Office Space spoof!
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS I had one too before the crash, it was Napoleon Crossing the Saint Bernard by J.L. David: I only put it on to piss off Ernest. Jon. Oh the good ol' times....
I wonder whether the guy realizes how much business he just lost. I certainly won't be going on recommendation, as I had almost before leaving NYC in late January.
Wow, Andrew... Talk about a blast from the past. I can't remember seeing you post since around the time I was lurking and finally signed on here several years. You must have felt a disturbance in the force, eh?
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