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Blahniks and Choos are far more expensive than you give them credit for... 800 US and up boots. 600 and up for regular shoes. IIRC, thanks to many an ex.
Quote: Originally Posted by sysdoc I just don't want to be seen as a guy who intentionally bumps up old posts ... LOL
Blue banana or some such variant - always the best auctions.
NO! I AM NOT A FAN OF THIS! Seriously, I'll miss strolling through the Burlington Arcade on a mission to EG. In fact, I'm just going to have to stop by later today.
I was being a bit sarcastic... ;-)
Quote: Originally Posted by Alias I was going to reply to FNB's reply to my post but then I saw him write "old boy" and I just gave up on taking him seriously. "Old boy" is all that contributed to your disregard? Maybe I've become prematurely nitpicky at the tender age of 26.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Chuck Norris's real last name is Buff? Sort of... I consider R supranational - operating only in the rarefied air of the Shoedom.
Shame it's a bit long for me. Quite nice...
Love the implied, "Amateurs need not apply."
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS You can say fucking, btw. Jon. Dear Sir, Your suggestion for use of such language in public - at all, for that matter - repulses the gentleman's core sense of etiquette; I will henceforth engage only in the polite discourse found on other fora. Yours disgustedly, Dorian Gray.
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