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Quote: Originally Posted by sysdoc I just don't want to be seen as a guy who intentionally bumps up old posts ... LOL
Blue banana or some such variant - always the best auctions.
NO! I AM NOT A FAN OF THIS! Seriously, I'll miss strolling through the Burlington Arcade on a mission to EG. In fact, I'm just going to have to stop by later today.
I was being a bit sarcastic... ;-)
Quote: Originally Posted by Alias I was going to reply to FNB's reply to my post but then I saw him write "old boy" and I just gave up on taking him seriously. "Old boy" is all that contributed to your disregard? Maybe I've become prematurely nitpicky at the tender age of 26.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Chuck Norris's real last name is Buff? Sort of... I consider R supranational - operating only in the rarefied air of the Shoedom.
Shame it's a bit long for me. Quite nice...
Love the implied, "Amateurs need not apply."
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS You can say fucking, btw. Jon. Dear Sir, Your suggestion for use of such language in public - at all, for that matter - repulses the gentleman's core sense of etiquette; I will henceforth engage only in the polite discourse found on other fora. Yours disgustedly, Dorian Gray.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Really tragic about his mother... The forum is alive with wisecracks... F-ing love the humour 'round here today! I need a translator.
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