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Ninety year old smoker?
anyone have a screen capture? eBay needs a sense of humor!
I don't own any shoes with rubber soles, so anything is game. The darker the leather, the better... unless caught with two pairs of edwardians, then go for what feels best at the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee I met one of the other celebs mentioned at Boujis in London - she was hotter in person but you're right, not amazing compared to some of the Russian model types. But I fancied JLH quite a bit in high school. hehehe... Boujis... hehehe... Whatever the reason this guy is being so open about his dalliances with famous singers/actresses, and however crass it is to be so, I derived great pleasure from...
That photo of Zanardi's crash is borderline inappropriate: yes, that is likely flesh from his legs.
Quote: Originally Posted by medwards Women or shoes??? Shoes, man, shoes!
I had no trouble with my EGs this weekend in Paris (despite nearly ruining them!) - except when running to catch the Eurostar at Gare du Nord I nearly took a nasty spill... but that may have been the hangover. I've a pair of Grenson Masterpieces that I bought for the rain which are positively lethal on anything but bone dry pavement. RJ - have a sit down with Andrew for a sobering chat. A - Not that you should stop your shoe expenditure... it's just set up a...
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy http://cgi.ebay.com/Hand-made-Mens-s...QQcmdZViewItem Wow, the exact same shoes as those I ruined this weekend in rainy Paris! Although the water marks give a Berluti-esque look to the shoes.... hmmm...
Congrats, Z! And, guys, PLEASE! Haven't seen any of the Sopranos new season - puhleeeease no spoilers! But suggestions of how to view the episodes over here would be greatly appreciated!
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa For a second, I read that as '2006 Spring New Santoni Handgrenades: What do you think of these with a suit???' Awesome. I'd spring for a pair those, without doubt.
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