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I would go for the Greens. Lobb is just cannot compete in leather finish and fit. Moreover, the William does not have the bevelled sole, so it defeats what little purpose, IMHO, there is for purchasing Lobb.
Okay, but Cruise had *only* the top button done up. The lines of the suit were completely destroyed, looking like a miniskirt worn on the shoulders. Fact is, this probably isn't worth much discussion, since the number of Hollywood actors whose ignorance of simple dress will continue unabated... forever.
I've never liked Tom Cruise, so it is almost with pleasure - nono, certainly not, maybe disgust - that I am watching this peacock strut out on Letterman's show with a three button suit, buttoned right up there at the top, like a turtleneck. It makes me wonder at which point he shorted his stylist and started making sartorial decisions himself. Why does this bother me? I don't know. Jet lag, maybe... It seems that Hollywood stylists just do not understand men's clothing....
MPS, I have never heard that. What a fantastic story. I guess the black velvet collar must have had something to do with all those frivolous Frogs - ahem, French - having their heads lopped off.
I must ask: what types and makes of shoes? 40+ is a god-awful lot of shoes. I now have some sort of response to my girlfriend's mocking comments regarding my shoe collection. I have (only.?) 20 some odd pair. But, then, I am 24, so my vice has time to mature.
Correct me if I'm wrong, guys, but I think that's the seller who is hawking misdescribed and mislabeled suits and coats. I would steer clear of that guy; buying retail seems like the way to go on a purchase of this kind.
Was the navy that beautiful royal (french) blue? If not, did you notice any there? One of the most fantastic colors.
mmmm... Flooooriiiiiidaaaaaa... Sounds like a nice plan for lunch, any day of the week.
West End would be an understatement, Kalra, so let us end this now before ego begins to steer this where you do not want to go. Good evening. (j, steve.... I am penitent...I am penitent! In response to your last message: fair enough.
I am English, Kalra, but congratulations on an imaginative retort.
New Posts  All Forums: