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Yes, I actually returned to mourning once I noticed your avatar; such a shame they were retired.
According to the senior sales manager at RL in NYC, the Blue Label suits are now made by Cantarelli, which I believe owns Saint Andrew's. There is always some confusion in determining who makes what, but the Cantarelli-Saint Andrew's connection seems to support that Cantarelli makes Blue Label (and Saint Andrew's Purple Label).
Well, you can find them at any Ralph Lauren store. Cantarelli makes the Blue Label line.
Another one here: AskAndy.
mmmm....... seymour...butts. Right, anyway... I too would love a pair. However, if it takes a 12-person group to order, I somehow doubt the luck and logistics gods will smile upon us. (....And now for something completely different.... and in the wrong thread - kalra was not mittal... he was an absolutely useless and brainless bit of life, which I am surprised has made its way into the communicating years of its pointless existence. --Good Lord, I am hoping he is...
Love the photo of Myrna Loy, Asta, and William Powell... not to mention the rest.
Um, unfortunately, yes. I've dreamt before about Ladbrokes. Psychiatric help would be appreciated.
I would go for the Greens. Lobb is just cannot compete in leather finish and fit. Moreover, the William does not have the bevelled sole, so it defeats what little purpose, IMHO, there is for purchasing Lobb.
Okay, but Cruise had *only* the top button done up. The lines of the suit were completely destroyed, looking like a miniskirt worn on the shoulders. Fact is, this probably isn't worth much discussion, since the number of Hollywood actors whose ignorance of simple dress will continue unabated... forever.
I've never liked Tom Cruise, so it is almost with pleasure - nono, certainly not, maybe disgust - that I am watching this peacock strut out on Letterman's show with a three button suit, buttoned right up there at the top, like a turtleneck. It makes me wonder at which point he shorted his stylist and started making sartorial decisions himself. Why does this bother me? I don't know. Jet lag, maybe... It seems that Hollywood stylists just do not understand men's clothing....
New Posts  All Forums: