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about driving ernest nuts? It's great.... The ensemble isn't too bad either....
Andrew, I couldn't believe you sold those Montfords after all that work. Hell, I can't believe I missed them on eBay.
Stupid business decission? It's a damn television show. Anyway, I think Trump's lack of mores and simple-mindedness prevent him from understanding much of what goes on right in front of his eyes. Luckily enough for him, he knows how to build buildings.... but not much else. FWIW.
Raj was wearing a gray pinstripe, peak lapel suit - an RL Blue Label S/S suit. Odd to see that.... but certainly better than any other's dress. I happen to think Raj will win. With relative ease.
EG Chelsea.
hehehe.... I, too, seem to find myself creating a little trouble after two bourbons. Especially when poured for lunch.
Seriously, Ernest.... Get over your label snobbery. Un cours, il se traduit à
You know, I was at BG yesterday and saw a wonderful 3 pc Oxxford suit.... except that the lapels had the same bizarre shape as you described. Maybe someone who has experience with Oxxford can enlighten us on the subject of whywhywhy...
any Bond stuntman who has designed his own ski wear line.
Please do post pictures. I'm not familiar with either of those models. I've had some difficulty matching belts with EGs, for obvious reasons. The antique finishes are simply beyond the vast majority of belt-makers. Best of luck... Does EG not do belts in a similar fashion as Lobb-Paris?
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