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Ralph Lauren Garrison suit 40R! RARE $6700 3 piece Ralph Lauren Purple Label 100% cashmere suit 40R
Ralph Lauren Garrison suit 40R - grey flannel
They retailed for £395 which is ~$600...and to have another pair made would cost ~$700.
For sale - '11G UK' Cheaney Imperial Collection tan/light brown leather plain-toe balmoral shoes with canvas uppers. Imperial Collection spade / beveled waist, with very cool samurai on the forefoot of the sole. Perfect for spring and summer - hell, I'd wear them year round. The leather surprised me, since I've only had EG, Lobb, C&J and G&G: Imperial Collection seems to be supple and very polish-able (I like my shoes, and a good polished shine). I truly wish that I...
I have a few dozen ties that I've purchased over the years and never worn. Here is a(nother) selection at very reasonable prices, with photos below (not above. The Hermes ties come in different and in some cases rare lengths, e.g. 57". These are NWOT/B. I previously sold 7 to one SFer at a discount, so open to ideas/offers. Seriously good deal on new ties here! Amazed they haven't moved yet, but at rock bottom prices now. Shipping will vary by location but it will...
New £335 / ~$520 Lock & Co. Borsalino in Navy Size 62 UK 7 5/8 US 7 3/4 A true man's hat. Beautiful and rare. Purchased this past winter at the Lock & Co. shop in St. James's, London, but never used (~1hrs out of original hat box since). I have the receipt, which I can include in a potential sale. Photos and details on Lock's website here: I will try to post some photos as well later today. Asking $400 - which...
New camera... new pic hosting service??? I can't view any because of 'exceeded bandwith'? Do I personally need to upgrade to 'pro' or...?
Consider, for example, my post count. Way back when, in 2005 iirc, there was a forum crash and all members had their post count reset. Mine went from several thousand to zero, and is now only around 500. Your ranking system is without regard for duration of membership... not to mention, I think it not in keeping with the spirit of the forum.
I've seen your Attolini / Vacca suits go up on ebay... Wherever you're getting them, if possible, please please 40R in the future!
Have a pair of the same slippers in 11.5 if anyone interested!
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