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Quote: Mind you, Olga Berluti recommends champagne, but not any old bubbly, only Dom Perignon (not sure about the vintage) will do. I'm an ignorant cuss compared to Ms. Berluti, but c'mon... wouldn't alcohol dry out the leather? Or are there rare botannical tannins in Dom Perignon (along with natural sugars and carbon dioxide) that counteract the harmful effects?
Light striped shirts should always be worn untucked with light rinsed jeans, tucked in with dark jeans, with the sleeves rolled up until the elbow is just visible, usually 2.5 turns of the cuff. j/k. Seriously, don't be too fussy about it, IMHO with jeans it's personal preference. Most people don't/can't wear jeans to work anyway. Try it untucked/tucked a few times and see what you like.
To add and deviate somewhat from what Steve B. mentioned, if you're in a reasonably large area, try a local tailr or better men's shop and see if they have a bespoke shirt program. There are usually sales/promotions around this time of year, and you can get locally made shirts to your specs for a very reasonable price (for example, I recently had some made for the same price as off the rack.) No shipping hassles involved, but depending on your area you may have to pay...
Bill Blass (deceased) was a big womens designer in the '80s. Like most big time designers, he licensed his name out to other products... which really picked up pace after he "retired" in the mid '90s (someone correct my dates if I'm wrong). I see alot of Bill Blass at outlets, from what I've seen the quality is on par with department store brands. Think of the "Christian Dior" licensed stuff that's all over the place. OK for the pricepoint, but you could do better with...
I've noticed this as well. When I was in Switzerland I brought a BOSS Hugo Boss sport jacket for emergencies (classic North American sack shape) and my friends were taken aback at the cut. It's only logical that large, international companies would tailor (no pun intended) their products to specific markets.
I'd give Allen Edmonds a try.  You can see a lot of their styles online at their website.  A few have woven leather (there's one with a center panel of woven leather that goes to the toe - reminds me of the Nike Air Woven craze), and I think there's one in sharkskin as well.  Kind of out there, but regular enough in shape. Nice price-point as well, most styles are under $300. Bengal Stripe: what do Berlutis start at, 2000 pounds sterling or so?
Hm, I don't know about jeans. Denim is becoming more and more seasonal, so I usually wait for sales as well, especially with designer jeans (PDC, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Helmut Lang, etc.) I used to think "I have to grab it or it'll be gone" but with outlets/last calls, eBay, sales, etc. I hardly ever buy clothes full retail anymore. That being said... if I need a staple like a Diesel Kratt or 501, I'll probably buy it whatever the price.
What's the look you're going for, rugged/outdoorsy with a bit of a fashionable edge? I would stay clear of athletic boots, and go for something a little sleeker but still off-centre. Maybe a Blundstone or R.M. Williams boot ( depending on your price range (Blundstones are $90-$110, RMWs are $175+). When I worked in the back-room of a major bank I wore the Blundstone 902 model almost every day (suit, khakis, whatever) and it worked pretty well. That...
High prices don't really bother me - there's really no way to practically justify the price of designer wear. It's overpriced, you're paying for a name, yadda yadda yadda. It's just when the piece is on sale for 40% off a couple/few months later, that's when I mad.
I don't think there's anything wrong with your idea, as long as you can find a good tailor to do the job properly. Handworked buttonholes with gimp look great, machine made buttonholes are hardly any better than false buttonhole stitching (IMHO).
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