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Nothing a good seam ripper (available for a couple of bucks from any sewing store) won't fix.
vero_group: your bias and disdain for sports is clear, there's no need to try to justify your position or preach to others. Being young and in a new situation, take a cue from others and see where the conversation goes. You'll likely be introdued to a lot of different people and get a lot of standard questions as openers: so what do you do, where do you go to school, how did you come to join the club, what do you think about this or that... answer honestly, be confident,...
IIRC they're outsourced. The company is along the lines of Burberry, an old English stalwart trying to diversify in the modern world.
IMHO the truly critical fit is in the shoulders. One manufacturer's 42R may be another's 40R, etc. and given a certain cut, two 42Rs from different manufacturers can look totally different. That being said, it's possible but not adviseable. You do NOT want to alter the back seam of the jacket, any tailor worth their salt will work with the side seams. This opens up a whole slew of other problems since by altering the side seams, the armhole is altered, and if you have to...
It sounds like you're describing "trendy" (as I read it), which I sometimes associate with "fashionable", but not "stylish". Most people do not read fashion magazines or check runways for the latest and greatest, they're on the periphery and get cues from the diffusion of everyday life. Move a notch or two above that, be it in some hip designer jeans, or a sleek all black outfit at night, and you're apt to be called "stylish", but it has nothing to do with personal style,...
It's a perfectly reasonable solution. In fact, it's typical of bespoke shirts - I was at a local store getting the details on their custom shirts, and that detail (accomodating a large watch) was mentioned. If a good tailor can hide droopy shoulders, a fat butt, or a too-stiff posture, why not tailor to a watch?
Quote: With the jeans and dress shirt, i assume the dress shirt is untucked? Unless you want to look like Jerry Seinfeld
The big collars aren't so much a James Bond thing as they are (were) a '70s thing. Look at some old magazines or retro clothing sites (or the movie Boogie Nights), huge collars were all the rage in the '70s. I don't know of any modern shirtmakers that emulate that style.
I agree with both of the responses above. However you may find slim cut shirts will fit in the waist but not in the chest (or the armhole may not be cut large enough, etc.) Dry cleaner/tailor is fine for alterations, you should also check with the store you purchase your shirts from, a lot of them will do the alterations for free.
The weekly fashion of the Toronto Star had this pic: http://www.thestar.ca/images/thestar...o_will_250.jpg Here's the accompanying text by fashion writer David Graham: As the brainchild behind "Peroxide," one of Toronto's hippest underground party venues, Will Munro has a reputation for creating his own scene. He's in a new wave/punk frame of mind these days and it's reflected in the theme of his dance parties and the way he dresses. Munro may reference the past but his...
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