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Slightly off topic again, but has anyone in NYC (or LA) checked out Rogan (mentioned in Spin, Details, etc.)? Brochure type website at www.rogannyc.com. The clippings sound intriguing, but my being 900 miles away from the nearest store doesn't help
I was looking for that worn-but-not-sandblasted look myself. I settled on a pair of Gucci jeans after seeing a runway pic and then checking out their website. They were slightly darker looking in person, but that's OK with me; cleaning and general wear should lighten them a bit (the pair I'm referring to is the one featured with the bright pink sweater.) I like the fit and finish of Dolce & Gabbana jeans, but alot of the ripped stuff turns me off - IMHO it looks a little...
Does anyone have any experience with Belgian Shoes, which were featured in GQ (or was it Details?) a couple months back? I remember the article as being a quaint way of advertising... do they live up to the hype? A "business card" website exists at www.belgianshoes.com.
I like the Half-Windsor. You get most of the Full Windsor shape with less bulk, and it goes with the collars I like. I don't like the Four In Hand, mostly because I can't tie it to save my life It always comes out too thin for my tastes.
I've never been to the Montreal Holts (keep meaning to take a trip, there's some Kamkyl stuff I want to get) but yes, the men's selection is miniscule compared to women's - that's almost to be expected with any big department store The Holts outlet (in Thornhill on Steeles West) was small, about the size of the Toronto men's sportswear department (as I remember it - it's been a while since I've been there). A wall and a half of suits, a couple long racks each of sport...
Greetings all: pardon me if it's been discussed before, but a search brought up nothing. Anyone want to give up the best places for shopping in the Toronto area (sale/outlet or otherwise?) I've been to Bloor West (Holts, Harry Rosen, Zara, Gucci, LV, Marc Laurent, etc.) as well as the HR outlets (Holt Renfrew/Harry Rosen) but a more diverse selection, especially outlet-wise, would be appreciated. Please email offboard if you're loathe to part with a secret, I promise not...
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