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It's probably licensed YSL - in the 70s/80s the YSL tag got put on everything, quality be damned. The current Tom Ford line should have "Rive Gauche" on the tag. Licensing is still rife - these days in Asia/far east, you can get horrible YSL print shirts, YSL cigarettes, etc.
Quote: The only person to display even a shred of originality was The Sopranos' Joe Pantoliano, in a midnight-blue shawl-lapel tuxedo and double-breasted vest, all by Borrelli, apparently... Yeah, but he ruined it with that ridiculous hat he always wears.
Shhh... you're giving away a great place for deals Their website is - I've bought mostly shoes from them since they seem to always have lots of good stock. Naturally, if you're an odd size, check them out for deals - when they have one or two sizes left, discounts often run 60-90%.
Quote: BTW, and not to hijack this thread, but I also learned at the Beverly Center Macy's that homosexual men are just as stylistically impaired as heterosexual men, except that they are more likely to go for a poor imitation of the Eurotrash look (guys, fitted shirts, not lycra bodysuit tight.  And what is with the sparkly synthetics?)  rather than a poor imitation of "My office is business casual.  Or maybe I'm going on a date.  You guess which"...
Personal preference. I like a lot of break, my rule of thumb is I should not be able to walk properly in jeans without shoes (i.e. hem touches ground.) As for shrinkage, depends on how you wash them, but my PDCs did not shrink that much, if at all.
It's considered terribly gauche to some, but I've worn a pocket watch in my pants pocket, hooked through a belt loop, since I was in high school. I can't wear a regular wristwatch for prolonged periods, it irritates my wrist and gives me hives.
Quote: What do you feel is more stylish for my body type, a loose fit or a tight fit? I'm inclined to go with whatever feels best. Dammit, we're men, we don't have to be uncomfortable to be stylish.
Quote: This problem is especially troublesome for me when shopping through Polo Ralph Lauren.  You see, a Polo S cuts my circulation off, yet when I put on one of their M's it makes me feel like I should be in a gangsta rap video. You're in between sizes, go with the larger size for a looser fit, smaller size for a tighter fit. I wouldn't worry too much about it, other than being selective with your clothes. Since you're still growing, anything that...
IMHO: #1: could be taken care of with a sticky post at the top that gets continually updated. No need to slog through all the posts, just the last page. #2: I'm wary for the reasons you cite, plus if I find a deal nobody's going to hear about it lest they try to snipe it before I do #3: interesting but I wonder about the liability issues involved. One bad deal and you're going to get mudslinging left & right. I would vastly prefer something like a "virtual closet"...
Is GQ really that entrenched as a "style" mag, or did everyone here migrate from the GQ Forum at one time or another? Agreed with the other posts, for fashions I prefer Arena H+, even if it's quarterly.
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