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I'll lump all my pet peeves into "inappropriate clothing". My prime example would be: if a certain pair of jeans makes rolls of fat blob out over the waistband, it's hardly flattering. In the same vein, bras that are too small or poorly chosen do not flatter a woman's assets either.
Blundstone is my personal favorite. Inexpensive, high quality, easy to kick off if you drop battery acid on them
Quote: A query for Banksmiranda and anyone else: Have you actually tried to make your own garments using these books, or do you use them to make yourself a more educated customer?  If the former, what has been your experience in trying this; any lessons or learnings along with your tailoring background would be interesting. Thanks. For me it was learning through necessity, and also I'm of the mindset that if something is simple enough for someone...
I have a pair of Diesels that are a soccer boot upper with a rubber driving shoe sole (coincidentally, they're the "Dave" model.) Relatively inexpensive ($75 on sale), not particularly narrow or wide (my foot is slightly wide). If it's a true soccer boot upper, it's probably overly narrow on purpose - soccer boots are supposed to stretch and mold to the wearer's foot (for touch/feel) with some overhang over the sole.
As a Canadian, I always lumped Parasuco in with Buffalo, Guess, etc. Cunningly unoriginal (taking bits and pieces from other lines and putting them together), middling quality. I also see lots of Parasuco stuff at discount stores like Winners (Canadian version of TJ Maxx) which doesn't do much for their street cred. To get back to the original question, you have to make a very, very clear distinction between DESIGNER and TAILORED clothing. Tailored clothing (Kiton,...
Fine recommendations - Classic Tailoring Techniques is particularly good because it has lots of pictures, and approaches the suit from a bit of an old school style (in the sense that it emphasizes standard practical issues, and there are no '80s big hair pictures.) Another good one is "Couture Sewing Techniques" (author escapes me), which is for womenswear, so you don't get any patterns, but the hand sewing advice/techniques is very good. It also provided me with some...
Yikes. 5 years would really be pushing it, especially if you plan on wearing them hard. I have a 5 year old pair of Blundstones (www.blundstone.com) but I've had them resoled once.
Sounds too small to me. Smaller in chest, larger in waist, probably has a different cut compared to your reference jacket. Notice the shoulder and chest are both smaller. Get a measurement from the center of the armhole to the back seam, I'll bet it's smaller as well.
I vaguely remember there was a huge thread on this very topic a few months back, lots of pix were posted - might be worth a search.
Quote: I'm looking at a pair of Diesel's casual loafer-type shoes on eBay, rubber-soled, made in what looks like distressed brown leather. Can anyone comment on Diesel shoes? I don't think I've ever seen any before. Fit true to size? Decent quality leather? Long-lasting? Worth US$90 or so? Thanks... In my experience: True to size: depends on the model, I've found different models to vary, some feel narrow, some feel wide, which may mean going up a...
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