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Can you re-cool an unopened bottle of champagne that has already been cooled once? As in, I cool it in the refrigerator, then take it out, leave it for some time and then cool it again...
Simple question, do you have an iPhone 4 with antenna reception issues? The important thing is really not whether you bars drop or not, it's whether you drop calls when using the death-grip. Edit: Oh, it's supposed to say: I don't have AN iPhone 4.
Yeah, I should have clarified that it's cigarettes I'm asking about. Among my friends it's quite accepted to smoke, although I personally don't smoke on a regular basis. Though it tends to be a lot more smoking now that summer is approaching.
How is smoking viewed upon by your friends? Edit: Smoking cigarettes that is.
I'm really interested in PR and was wondering if there are any SF members working in PR? If so, - What in PR do you do? - How did you get there? - Are you happy with it? - Perks? Upside/downsides?
Quote: Originally Posted by StopPolloition It isn't terribly useful locked up in a safe, so yes, I carry it on me. Now, I don't know where u live but I suppose you carry it for protection, is that really necessary? I mean, sure, I get the shooting at a range thing, but isn't it a bit weird to walk around with a GUN?
Been reading a few pages and seriously, you carry your guns with you? WTF?!
I've heard some good things about them and seen some please-critique-my-nialma-shirt-threads around here, with varying results. I like the simplicity of their (new?) website and their €59/$89 fabrics look great. I've heard that they also ship really fast, compared to other online MTM options (such as Jantzen, Tailorstore etc.) What's your overall impression of Nialma? Are they on par with above options in quality? I know that Jantzen has a special place in SF's...
Is there really no one who knows how much a dress shirt cost in the 50's and 60's? In general, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by EBugatti Not to be pedantic, while you are technically correct, 7.35x and not 10x like I said, I was just trying to make it easier to do the math. Also, the 7.35x is for a basket of goods that includes a wide variety of products (durables, retail, etc.). Hence it doesn't apply individually to specific types of products as those could have individual market forces at work. For example, computers in the 1960s were priced at $10...
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