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Very nice. Do you do and undo all those buckles every time you take put them on and take them off ?
A smooth and quick transaction with AnGeLiCbOrIs - again. A star seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo It's my next post. It should be a collection quoting the top 10 of your best posts - as you view them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wicky Wholly shit, for that price you can have a MTM here. During sales (pre sale already starting as we speak) RTW can be acquired for less then $ 800. Proxy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Yes. The only other retailer of RC in DK I could find was in Ålborg, as far as I remember. Do you know of others? Daniel in Hørsholm has some suits and jackets. But otherwise there is the shop in Aarhus (forget its name, it's on one of the central pedestrian streets) which seems to carry it as their preferred high end brand. Don't know if they do MTM.
WTFH. One post. Personal payment only. This could be a joke. Ideally.
"Poorly constructed or of inferior quality"?
Two very good transactions with C&A. A very reliable and helpful seller. In spite of his tag he has very high quality stuff!
Quote: Originally Posted by money_saver1986 I own several savile row co ties and they are great, really high quality and they're cheap as well. I think all their ties are 100% silk as well So that means they won't go in the washing machine? Not interested in that case
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - - Actually, all mine as well as the HKG crew only order MTO from Kolecho Didn't realise that. I would think that only works when you have solid referrals.
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