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Just completed a small purchase from Ich_Dien. James is very responsive and helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Becco It's my first time on styleforum. How do I buy this? Thanks Send a pm to Angelicboris who has this for sale. You then work it out with him. He is very reliable and one of the best regarded sellers on this Forum. As I recall you may have to have a couple of posts to be able to send a pm so just make another post in this or another thread. Why am I writing this?? - I would like this case for myself!
Congratulations; that is a nice find. I would wear it with jeans.
EG Pelham is a plain cap toe with the slight twist of having U throat. Like the Canterbury above but without the punching. Otherwise the Chelsea which is ultra classic.
Thanks to Stephenstyle for a quick and pleasant transaction. First class merchandise.
Wicky has been wonderfully helpful in two proxy transactions. Very informative and careful in his dealings. Thanks!
No 1, 5 and 8 are snakeskin, right?
Ready made bow tie/cummerbund sets available in burgundy, bright red and turquoise
"Dear Sir, As promised, below please find details of our sale stock in UK size 9 D. ALL SHOES ARE £391.00 TAX-FREE UNLESS MARKED OTHERWISE, PLUS SHIPPING. Size 9 Sale Shoes 9 D Oxfords PLYMOUTH BLACK 82 PELHAM BLACK 888 x 2 INVERNESS BLACK 808" I do like the Inverness
Quote: Originally Posted by agoldf Can you raise the price after someone takes it? No; official rules prescribe that the price of an Attolini tie can only be raised if it sells within the first 3 minutes of being listed.
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