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Bought a very nice pair of Cucinelli pants from Warrengardner. Very quick shipping, thanks!
Kudos to seller PocketCircle. Communicative and helpful. Thanks.
Last year, I asked two sellers on here to ship to a New York hotel and it worked out perfectly. I was happy they trusted me and accepted, but I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to ask, since, from a seller perspective, it sounds rather risky. Personal payment seems the way to go.
Thanks Sartort for a very nice transaction. Good to be a Gooner!
Another pleasant transaction with FStyles. Frank is always helpful and responsive. And the merchandise is not shabby either!
Pictures coming I hope! Sounds very nice.
The Walcots are seriously nice, but I need your size....
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Please read the thread I reference. The owner has doubled the price in an attempt to insult me. I know - I should have included an appropriate smiley; something like: or
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Yeah. It's too bad that I will never shop at this store, not matter how nice their offerings are. I really want this shoe in my size. Could you not ask another member to proxy them for you in your size?
I just got my merchandise from Warrengardner. Entirely satisfied with everything; good communication, speedy shipping etc.
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