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Quote: Originally Posted by WRAdvisor I've never even read the user agreement, I just clicked Accept. do we all. You should be OK then; if you didn't read it, it doesn't apply to you The problem Paypal may be struggling with is that the payors may be violating the terms of use of Paypal, but they cannot very well slap payors with fees that they weren't going to charge them even if the payment had been correctly labelled.
On terminology: There is a difference between US and UK (European) parlance: US Balmoral/UK Oxford: Closed lacing US Blucher/UK Derby: Open lacing
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan Coniston is awesome. I have the Brooks Brothers version, and they are my favourite boots. +1 sold a spectacular Cucinelli sport coat to me. All as described and in perfect condition. Wayne is a pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
I took part in's latest mabitex fest. Super reliable seller, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex there will be a fucking revolt if sissy's threak gets locked. The f*ckers are gonna do it; I tell you.
Hey motherf*cker. Put up another one and I will buy your tie. I will even pay you in real money. Yes that means Euros. No motherf*cking wampum $$ How's about that, sonny??
Quote: Originally Posted by Sissy Spacerock send me $400 of your dollars and I will lovingly place these in a box and mail them to you with the option of a handwritten letter and a drawing of what I think you will look like wearing them. I need your money to pay for interspecies t-girl police fetish domination in-call, please send now. LOL. In before the lock on this classic stuff.
BB1; is that 38R?
This is exactly why I do not sell on here... That said, I think there is a reasonable degree of trust among parties here in general and my hope is that everybody approaches each transaction determined to preserve that. If that starts to slip we can kiss this wondeful forum goodbye. I do think the seller owns this problem through carelessness, not bad faith or fraud and it is not his "prerogative" to decide whether a return is in order. If he can negotiate with the...
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