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Got mine. These are very nice and seller was very quick to respond and ship.
What would you wear these with - and where?
Pm'ed on no. 89.
Here is the story for my country - Denmark, an EU country. Too horrible to write but it needs to be done for illustration. This is from an actual purchase of a clothing item from the US: Value (price + shipping cost): 546,46 USD = 3153 in our currency, DKK Customs: DKK 378 (12 per cent of value) Import VAT: DKK 882 (25 per cent of Value + Customs) Import fee: DKK 124 VAT of import fee: DKK 31 Total DKK 1415 ~ USD 245 So total addition to price of item +...
Another nice experience buying from PocketCircle. Top merchandise and Baris is very helpful.
I do not know the answer to your question - except that a "suit in print leather" must be a fake.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy FINAL DROPS.... Isaia now $375 HF Hand Tailored now $239 This is crazy - but the wrong size. When can we start nibbling at your inventory of sz EU 48?
Another great transaction with StephenStyle. Top class seller!
Another very nice purchase from C&A. Top class merchandise and a very conscientious seller.
Had a very nice transaction with theyare. Communicative and helpful and general standup guy. Thanks.
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