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Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne grimslade will succumb before I do. Seems like a safe bet
Quote: Originally Posted by Frank Bullitt The auction said "New In Box" so I would obviously want the box as this is how I store my shoes. I'll let you know if he ships without a box. AE in EEE is the only shoe that I can buy online and feel safe. I LOVE 50% off. I'm taking the plunge next week and buying two sets of shoes in a G width from Pediwear. These will be my first set of English shoes. Some of the designer styles are a bit flashy for me. I like...
Grapevinehill is a very dependable seller. For some reason, they never include box or cloth but they tell you that clearly. Nice shoes, too.
No, would not do that. In the office I keep the jacket on a dumbwaiter. At home on a dumbwaiter for airing overnight until it goes back in the closet.
Just saw this thread today. How could I have missed it? FWIW: KG confirmed to me that they will not ship internationally, but referred me to Harrods in London. They have these on the same offer @175 GBP plus shipping. Harrods ship internationally. At least for what I was after, they also seem to have some of the sizes that have sold out from the KG website. I got a pair of Chelseas in dark red (said to be very brownish) in size 8.5 today. Their number is +44 207...
Thank you for the great effort in bringing this to everybody.
Your wife's family friend paid for the shirts as a gift, but he didn't measure you for the shirts or make them did he? So you should care about the result as if you had paid for the shirts yourself. But there is more: By accepting a substandard product you would in effect be looking down your nose at a gift from a family friend. I know - I am disregarding the hassle of the NY-LA thing).
I miss the point of the whole line. Doesn't seem very "rugby" any of it.
Nice find.
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