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Nice selection. I got two Attolini ties and they are just amazing quality.
Thank you to warrengardner and ALFAMALE for flawless and pleasant transactions.
But I wanted that yellow credit card wallet! Pure sickness.
Had another perfect transaction with warrangardner. Very quick shipping and absolutely beautiful wares.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles I've found them to be 1/2 size big as well, at least with the two pairs ive owned. .... I have the same experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by long_knives WTF?? It brings shame to the forum that this hasn't been snagged. Somebody buy this amazing piece already. OK. I finally caved and decided to take one for the team - and get a nice coat at the same time Thanks Geoff.
Had a pleasant transaction with harry2quinn. Helpful seller with top class wares.
Got a few of the handmade pocket squares from sonlegoman. Very nice work from a highly recommendable seller.
More of the same-old-same-old positive feedback for hitokiri8. Top guy and seller. Also, I think I may have failed to give due credit to hammer07. Very attentive and helpful seller
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