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These look amazing, and it is so rare to see SP shirts. Wait a minute...
Beautiful shoes. ½ size too small for me, but the right buyer will be happy.
Quote: Originally Posted by *Will* Are you willing to ship this USPS to Bermuda (I'll pay the extra shipping)? If so, I'll take it if it's still available. Seems like a perfect home for this
Quote: Originally Posted by pellle I'm posting this here too if people more familiar with the subject read this thread more often... Can someone tell me what is the situation with Malford of London? The site is closed and I can't access his thread here. I ordered a suit from him and he sent the wrong size, but now he won't answer to my message.. I would just like to change it. Stephen closed down the shop - see the sales thread with...
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm good old days You had me going there. Resurrecting this is really bad style
Thank you. I have had a good experience with the OP before and have heard nothing but positive comments. But I have now raised a Paypal dispute since the 45 day deadline on my payment was getting close. We'll see. I do hope everything is allright with the OP.
Has anybody heard from the OP recently? I arranged to buy a set of black buttons and paid on March 21. Since then not a word despite queries by PM 3 weeks ago and last week. Hope nothing is the matter.
5 X #11 5 X # 23 2 x #22 2 X #29 1 X #12 1 X #20 PM and Paypal sent Got my laces. Thank you. This is the real deal in laces.
Pm sent on the Kiton.
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