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as people have said, wash a pair of rigid wranglers a few times and you'll get a great electric blue color. just please, for the love of god, don't get the kanye-style dyejob jeans, they look fucking gorss
at home, just out on my porch. here in israel, wherever i can find a good view, which isn't too hard. the mild winter here definitely helps me out
a friend who was in jerusalem the other day picked me up a nice cuban RyJ corona...hoping it is better than the other habanos i've tried. has anybody else here had the experience of a cuban cigar, from a reputable brand, that actually...wasn't too good? i had a cuban partagas a few weeks back, my first cuban, and it really wasn't anything extraordinary.
no room in the humi at all? normally you can play cigar tetris and fit most anything inside...if not, most b&m's sell small plastic bags with a humidity seal on them that work in a pinch. in regards to the people saying to just put some wet paper towels in, or the like- that will work, but make sure you use distilled water, or else it can transfer some unpleasant flavor into the cigars
picked up some brand new Levi's 501s yesterday at the jaffa shuk for 25 shek roughly six or seven dollars. word up
i'm not from nyc and don't have much experience there, but V&T's Pizza up on columbia campus, right across the street from the Cathedral of St John the Divine, is damn good
fuck all of you i am fiending now
someone make it come back i bet kiya has a magic key that will make it turn onlien again
age 16, on the couch in my tv room. i think my family was home, i'm not sure
absolutely one of the best. great man. he will be missed
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