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anyone know where to purchase a 1 piece maple umbrella with black top in Toronto? would rather buy local than order online, or used if there is one out there
WTB: Swaine Adeney Brigg Umbrella - maple 1 piece cane / black nylon or possibly tartan PM me
How can you best describe this style of fashion for women? I'd like to find some more photos of well dressed ladies but have a hard time finding the style I like to look at. Often times I'll see these girls downtown TO and they are smokin hot Particularly interested in the following (would like to get my girlfriend into some of these as well/if you guys know of any stores in TO) High waisted pants with a capped sleeve/military...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver Martegani samples after treatment with Saphir light tobacco cream. I received these through Ron Rider. 46 last. This is my only pair of Martegani and I am happy with the quality. On par with my C&J benchgrades. absolutely stunning!
I've got to say that I love these couches more and more everyday - feels like I should be puffing a cigar with a glass of bourbon after dumping a body in the lake Can't wait to save enough to do my home office, wood panelled walls and antique wing chairs
black wingtip imo is the ultimate "have-to-own" shoe for stylish men
Cabernet brown AE Tresana's - essentially black with a deep brown under tone
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