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I'm about a US size 10, you guys recommend I get them in 9 or 9.5?
Thinking of buying the Buttero Laceup Workboots and was wondering if anyone could comment on Buttero's fit and sizing?
Anyone know if stevenalan.com has any coupon codes? Thanks!
Damn...anyone know if the selvage is prone to shrink a bit more after I wash em? The 32 regular fits me perfectly at the waist, but as it stands right now, the selvage version fits about .5" bigger.
Just asking cause I have 2 pairs of Rag & Bone Rb6's, one selvage and one not, and the selvage jeans appear to fit a bit more loose than the regular ones. I've had my regular RB6's for about a year and they fit perfectly. I just copped a selvage pair and it seems a bit loose in the waist. Would it be safe to soak these in cold water and air dry for some shrinkage?
I personally think their outwear and button-up shirts look pretty nice. And its usually not hard to find Trovata on sale.
Ahh...sounds tempting..but I'm looking for new or barely used pairs.. Actually, I'm not 100% sure if they have lycra or not like the RB11s and RB16s but judging from pictures, (also viewed from the store whose name is forever banned from this forum) all the new jeans seem to have a slightly different texture to them. They almost seem to have a slight sheen which may or may not mean anything. Can anyone confirm if the new Rb6's have lycra or not? And yea, I'm...
What condition are they?
32 X 32 34 inseam is fine too
My pair of RB6's are getting pretty worn in now, and I think its time I buy another pair. Anyone know if I can still buy the old RB6's with no lycra?
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