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where can we find a link for these scarves? Can't seem to find em on Atsui.
I could go for most of this stuff. Looking pretty good.
IME, I think these fit about a half size large but you could probably get away with one whole size.
Looks like a decent alternative to Cps. I would be all over these if it was a 42.
Wow, did not know so many people would want these, there were like 7 different offers. Haha could have gotten away with marking it up.
SOLD to saurez24.
For sale are a pair of navy blue Rogues Gallery Castine loafers in size 9.5. They are made by Quoddy trails. I just copped these yesterday from Carrot's sale over the phone and had a change of mind but the store already shipped them. From the pictures they look damn nice but I decided I really must stop buying so many shoes. Anyways, link to the stock pictures below. I should have these in my possession within a couple days. Retailed for $360, bought on sale for $94...
Just copped the Blue Castine Loafers in 9.5, anyone got any idea on the sizing on these?
DAMNIT, car got towed. Now these boots really have to go. Dropping to $40 + shipping. Shipping will likely be roughly 8-12 dollars depending on where you live. Please some one bite, these are brand spanking new and I feel miserable having brand new shoes I can't fit into.
These fit very true to size, the measurement is almost exactly 10". I'm actually a 9.5, which is why I need to let them go. Also, forgot to mention but the flash of my camera makes the shoes a bit lighter than they seem. They are actually more of a rich dark brown color. Links to some additional stock photos:
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