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I'm selling a pair of APC Rescues in size 30. I bought these jeans new a while ago and wore them on and off for about a month. I then got tired of wearing them and stored them in my closet until now. They still have a loooooong life left in em and are faded a only a bit on the back pockets and some on the cuffs. The waist has stretch to approx. a 32.5W. They have not been washed and are still in good condition. I don't think I'll be wearing these in anymore. I'm...
i'm trying to buy the lambswool zip-up hooded sweater.
oh, anyone still down to do this in a week when the store opens?
Anyone got suggestions for a hoodie? I've perused some of the various threads on hoodies and haven't seen one that I've completely liked. I'm looking for one thats slim, high quality, preferably plain w/ no design, zip up, and relatively thick and durable. Oh, and I'm looking for something that's under $100.
OH yes, I, Colin Farrell will be eternally grateful to you sf'ers if you help me find my glasses.
Anyone down to buy me something from the NY Uniqlo for a bit of money? PM me!
I was looking for the exact maker and style, b/c I really like those glasses! I also checked up on the Drake glasses, but it seems that Drake frames have a shorter bridge that dips a bit lower than the ones shown in the picture. But they are however, the closest looking ones I've seen so far. Can anyone guess the brand name in white lettering of the third picture?
yea sorry about that, heres the images
I was in the market for a pair of eyeglasses and was wondering if anyone could positively identify these? I'm aware that they are many similar looking glasses by D&G and Armani and such but I wanted to find the exact maker and style. Thanks in advance! [warning: images are kind of big]
I guess you could call these used, but that would probably be an overstatement. And actually, I'm intending on losing $50 or so by selling them :/
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