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Selling a brand new with tags, Gitman Vintage Camp Shirt in Olive, size Medium. The flannel cloth on this shirt is much softer and smoother than the typical oxford cloths used by Gitman and the subtle herringbone pattern is simply beautiful. I purchased this from a European retailer and returning would just cost too much. Unfortunately, this does not fit me and I have to let it go. Price includes shipping anywhere CONUS. Approx Measurements: 22.5" chest width 18.75"...
Does GV shrink considerably if you hot air dry them? I own probably a dozen or so GV shirts and have only line dried them so I have no clue what will happen. I just happened to buy a pattern that I really like but the sizing is just a tad larger than my other mediums. The sleeves could be shortened an inch or so but I really don't like the idea of tailoring it or rather a tailor messing it up. What to do?
The code doesn't work for US customers.
Anyone have experience with oxfords by Maison Kitsune (http://www.mrporter.com/product/315553)? Gitman has been my go to shirt for a long time and the fit is nearly perfect but I just can't stand the blousy look anymore. The Maison Kitsune shirt has a really shallow cut at the bottom so there is barely any "tail" on the shirt. Anybody know of some other shirts that are cut this way?
I also bought the M65, my order looks like this: 199 - (20% off for student) = 159.2 159.2 - (30% off for black friday sale) = 111.4 Free ship and no tax for me. All in all, a pretty good deal. I just hope the quality is up to par and it fits well.
Just got my shirt in the mail and I was really surprised by the sizing. I have 6 gv shirts which fit me perfectly in medium but the forest green navy plaid I ordered in medium is definitely a full size smaller. If anyone wants to buy the Forest Green/Navy Plaid in a tagged medium but actually a size small, for $70 shipped, let me know. The pattern on this shirt is really nice, I just wish it was in my actual...
I would say this fits slim, but not overly so.
Up for sale is a Navy Soft Jacket from L.B.M. 1911 in size 38/48, made in 100% Cotton. It is in brand new, never worn condition, just like you would receive it from the store. It is from the current 2012 Spring Summer Collection. I purchased this jacket in two different sizes from a European retailer and chose to keep the size that fit me best. I'm offering it here since it would be easier to sell to an SFer than to ship it back overseas. I've provided stock photos of the...
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