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Someone is hiring these days? I'd honestly be more concerned about verbal skills in a social setting and how my resume looked as opposed to worrying if I should have tied a half windsor instead of a FIH. Just wear something (suit) you feel confident in.
Fascinating. My question is, when in the land of regional drinks...Sundrop over Cheerwine?
I would highly recommend the Total Immersion Freestyle instructional video. The drills work if you are a beginner or advanced swimmer looking to reduce drag in the water. Good luck with the recovery.
I used to be a fan of Gold Bond then I randomly stumbled across Protex Herbal Cooling Powder in Thailand. For those in warmer climates that powder product ever. Can't find it in the states unfortunately.
There is a lot of bad advice on this one, mainly running on the heels. A heel strike is indicative that you are out in front of your bodies center of gravity and is very inefficient. The best long distance runners land on mid foot to the balls of their feet historically. You can greatly compensate for not having phenomenal genetic conditioning by having above average form. - To answer Thomas's question, yes triathletes are still big proponents of the forward foot strike....
Like Maurice Clarrett?
Bill Evans live at the Village Vanguard. I love that you can hear dishes being cleared in the background.
Ohio State is recharged? Try cutting the grass shorter at the horse shoe and maybe they can get ready to play against real teams. /yawn //not buying it OSU hype, again ///SEC is too fast for Ohio State/Big Ten
Hendrick's Gin and Tonic with cucumber garnish.
It is really luck of the draw. I had one stadium guy put his hands right on my airplane bottles of Wild Turkey and simply smile and say "Enjoy the game". I have also seen people have to pour out bourbon when the cops do the searches. Barnoculars do look like prime candidates for this season though.
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