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Great suit CEP. I like both ties but actually prefer the Grenadine TBH; not too drab at all.I have a pair of Grenson shoes (from their sadly defunct Rose range) in burnt pine. It's a fantastic colour - not too dark at all.
Well done: pass go and collect $200! The suit is slightly darker than the picture suggests, but it's certainly a lighter shade of navy, almost a royal blue. I like it.
My first post on this thread, so please be gentle
What I am wearing today:
Yep, they're lovely. I like the last too. Enjoy.
Some more forest green, this time in grenadine:
Fantastic watch. I tried one on a few months ago at a local AD. Yours?
Try Herringbone, MJ Bale or Rhodes & Beckett - wait for the sales, and you should be at or under budget.
Totally agree. I rarely wear a pocket square these days - I did for a while when I was living in London. I would feel self-consciously over dressed at work wearing one.
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