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Good post Windowpane. I agree with your point about transparency and credibility with respect to both merchandise and price. It is no exaggeration to state that the internet, both as a shopping platform, as well as a means of disseminating information (e.g. this forum) has been a revolutionary force in the sphere of retail shopping. Maybe you and Tobias are correct about DJs being beyond redemption. Time will tell. As should be apparent from my earlier post, I...
I thought that some of you, especially from Melbourne, might be interested to see some photos of a pair of shoes which I just collected from McClouds, having been re-soled and new Topys fitted. Overall the quality seems quite acceptable, although not as nice as the orginal result from the manufacturer. The welt stitching, for example, seems coarser. Interested in your views. [/URL]
COP, looking good! I love that particular hue of blue. Details? It is probably the photos, and I'm being hyper critical, but is the button stance slightly high on your jacket? The skirt of your jacket correspondingly looks quite flared. As I say, it could be the camera playing tricks. Wild socks - they clash with your tie a little, but I bet you don't care!
Navy and black today, with burgundy socks (which appear, somewhat alarmingly, almost salmon pink in the photo):
Yeah I realised you were being a bit glib. I guess I am probably a bit nostalgic about DJs and may be letting my heart rule my head to some extent. The points you make are good ones.
Cheers. Will post some pics when it arrives!
Careful what you wish for Tobias. IMO it would be a sad day if DJs, or Myer for that matter, closed their doors. As a Melbournian, I still rue the fact that Daimaru closed its doors (several years ago now). As consumers we need more choice, more stores, not fewer.As I see it (and I profess no expetise in marketing or 'brand positioning'), the problem with DJs is that its business model is fundamentally confused - is it a high end department store, where customer service...
Hopefully in a good way. I personally prefer the Zenith but they are both great watches. I prefer the dial of the Zenith, which really pops 'in the flesh'. It also has the hi beat movement which is very cool.I'm confused that you are confused gdl.I don't see the watches as being in competition with one another. They are quite separate creatures, with their own unique characteristics and heritage. However, 'objectively', as you put it, suggesting that the Speedmaster is...
Yep, black shoes are still de rigueur in the City of London. The "no brown in town" rule lingers on. I like black shoes with navy too.
Despatched and eagerly awaited:
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