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"He's never early, he's always late ... "
Patience. All good things come to those that wait. Case in point:
Embarrassingly I own more shoes than my wife, not to mention more expensive shoes. That ain't right! As to watches, although I try to subscribe to the 'buy one, sell one' rule, I envitably trade up when I purchase a new watch, so the transaction is not without cost to me. I currently have an El Primero on the way which I am going to have to explain! On the other hand (pun not intended), I recently traded my ref 14060M Sub for a ref 5513, and my wife hasn't realised - ...
Macclesfield # 114 in 6 fold construction.Edit: they are both purple, although the Macclesfield appears blue in the photo. The other tie is a Grenadine Fina Dark Puple / Black #35
Shoes and watches will be my undoing.
New arrival - purple passion:
Or diving forums
Just checked out WAYWRN. I can see why you cross posted here. Instead of actually providing feedback about clothes, the usual bullshit was going on with people preoccupied bickering and navel gazing.
Theknottery only sells coloured laces. I want black laces for these shoes. Any suggestions where to get some nice ones?
lol...the laces were replaced along with the soles. Thanks for the heads up re theknottery.
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