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Know what you mean. I still check out his "Brogg" from time to time but it has much less relevance to me these days, especially as I don't (a) cycle, (b) live in Sydney, or (c) wear business casual at work.
Sounds good Gerry, count me in, subject to the usual caveats.
Yep, I'm in that category too these days. Main exception: Watch P0rn.
It requires patience.
I agree with you Warren on Cylon getting the ref 3572 Speedy. The best of both worlds. They are getting harder to find and more expensive however. I got out bidded a couple of times on eBay a while back. Edited to please Fang face
Good job! Let us know when you get a reply.
Yep, pretty crazy. The value proposition is unfortunately not very good. I for one won't be purchasing from J Crew unless and until their prices are more in line with their in store USA offerings. A pity.
Good call. I have a pair of APC New Standard which I'm happy with, although I would prefer if they were slightly higher rise. Another option is Nudie, which are widely available in Oz.
Micky, don't worry, they will be fine. My leather soled shoes take a soaking once in a while, it's inevitable. Just dry them out with some newspaper stuffed inside. Then Topy them.
Cheers. I'll post a pic or two on the Watch P0rn thread when it arrives. I went for the 38 mm El Primero with tri-colour overlapping subdials, very similar to the vintage A386. I am not taking a chance with the 16613 - just as well I prefer the non-date version!
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