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Yes I think Gerry's on the right track. I think the tie would work best with a pale blue shirt and navy suit. A white shirt would be too high contrast for my taste.
Yes I agree that my El Primero (when it eventually arives) would pair with the JLC MUT Moon very nicely! I note your experience of your JLC being very much a dress watch, to be worn with a suit. That might be relevant to my next purchasing decision, as I also have the GO Panomatic Lunar in my sights. I wonder whether the the GO is a little bit more versatile than the JLC? Anyhow, I am mainly thinking aloud at this stage - probably won't make a purchasing decision for at...
Well in that case it didn't happen.
My proposed strategy too.
Beautiful watch. I have become increasingly interested in this watch of late. Any more shots you could share with us?
I don't rate Calibre - overpriced and poorly made. And too much black.
How about Herringbone or Rhodes & Beckett? I find that fit varies quite a bit for jumpers. I sent an almost unworn J Smedley jumper, which I purchased online, to the opp shop last year because it was tall long for me.
I am hoping at this stage to make it to tomorrow night's get together in Melbourne. What time are we meeting Gerry? In response to the email I received from JCrew on Tuesday alerting me to the fact that they now shipped to Australia, I sent the following email last night: "Thank you for the email. I am pleased that J Crew is now shipping to Australia. However, although the offer of free shipping is appreciated, I won't be making any purchases with J Crew unless and...
Probably not. While I very much enjoy wearing a suit and tie to work each day, I would not do so if it was completely at odds with the prevailing dress code in the work place. I am certainly not critical of PG for changing his work wardrobe - if Apple says no suit and tie, that's that.
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