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Yep that's what I was referring to !
Good stuff Gerry, but I don't think they would dig your Rolex!
Yep they are selling Grand Seikos. Not sure about Japanese domestic market Seikos however.
Nice. Here's mine:
Well done Jason! I prefer option 1 but both are great.
You either have a passion for watches or you don't, I suppose, To me, mechanical watches are wonderous things- combining engineering and design, resulting in a product which, at best, is both practical and beautiful.As an avid diver I own a couple of dive watches. However, I would strongly argue that a dive watch is actually surplus kit these days - that has been the case since the advent of dive computers in the 1990s. Instead I own dive watches because I am...
Yep, those are all good suggestions. Seiko mechanical watches, made for the Japanese market, are also excellent value - you can purchase those from Seiya's website.
There is watch repairer operating out of a tiny bolt hole in Little Collins St, near Swanston St. Very experienced guy - try him. Otherwise, you could try Chris at The Watch Gallery, again in Little Collins St, near Elizabeth St.
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