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I haven't posted her for a while. The black single monks are by Church. The socks are from Gallo.
I placed an order last night through Pediwear for a pair of Cliffords (Antique Tan) as well as a pair of Sydneys. The order will not be placed by Pediwear with Crockett & Jones until September, and thereafter I may have to wait another 10 weeks. Just as well I am a patient man.
Having recently returned from a very pleasant 4 week holiday in England and Italy, I wholeheartedly agree with you Christian. I purchased a number of items from Boggi, when I was in Milan. Massimo Dutti - the upmarket sibling of Zara - is another retailer I like, which I wish existed here. I don't want to spend $200 on a t-shirt or $500 on a jumper!I purchased a number of items from Massimo Dutti at full price - I would be paying double in Melbourne. Fxh: Avoid...
Swapped the strap over to the brown gator, which came with the watch:
Cheers. Yep the wait was pretty bad. The watch was (at my request) shipped by USPS but was held up and ended up being returned to the seller. That took close to a month! The watch was ultimately shipped via Fedex. See caseback photo below - not the world;s best photo sorry. I will post some more shots when I get a new strap.Agreed. I will check out HLow's straps. Thanks for the heads up.
Enlarged the photo and noticed it's quite different. My bad. Anyhow, nice tie!
Nice tie Gerry - it's not by any chance the black / purple Sam Hober grenadine?
New acquisition, which I only received a couple of hours ago, after a torrid shipping process: If you prefer the Speedy Pro, that's cool (I like it too) but no silly derogatory comparisons please ...
To continue the Sub theme, wearing my 5513 today on a vintage leather strap:
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