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Hi GerryI own the RM Williams' Rigger Boots. Great boots but I wouldn't entrust them with a long walk as they are pretty heavy.
Traded my Sub for this (GMT Master reference 16750 with matte dial):
I didn't order an extra pair of trousers. The suit was $1400.
New - blue - boots for my El Primero:
My recommendation is that you order a pair of Loake 1880 Aldwych. These are Oxfords, which are Goodyear welted and still (apparently) made in England. They would be more than suitable for a job interview and could also be worn on other, more formal occasions. You can order them from Pediwear online for 162 pounds exclusive of VAT, which I realise is a bit over your budget, plus shipping: can try on Loake shoes at DJs...
Yeah I could be taking out a second mortgage otherwise!
I am the first admit that I spend more than most guys on menswear. However, I wonder whether the average SF Aussie member buys quite as many items of business clothings as you have listed?Nowadays, I probably buy, per annum:1 - 2 suits - $3,0004 - 6 ties (although even that is unnecessary) - $400 +/-1 -2 pairs of shoes - $700 - $1,0006 - 8 shirts - $1,0008 pairs of socks: $1501 belt: $1501 scarf: $150 ?Total: $5850, call it $6,000That is because I now have a fairly...
Finally got around to visting P Johnson today. I met with Tom at the South Melbourne store. He is a very affable guy. I selected a mid grey, glen plaid cloth from the Dugdale book. Soft ropped shoulders, 3 roll 2, side vents, side tab fasteners, cuffs etc. Tom persuaded me to go with wider lapels - interested to see how that turns out! Maybe too Tom Ford?
Love watch p0rn
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