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Sounds like a good deal - go for it.I have been a knocker of HB in the past, based on their often outrageous mark-ups on regular stock. Of course, Harrolds and American Tailors (in Melbourne) are not any better. On sale, however, HB is often worth investigating - you might not find a bargain exactly (wool ties notwithstanding?) although the mark-ups are at least bearable, bearing in mind you are paying a premium for the convenience of inspecting / trying on the item in...
Zzzzz from me today too:
Here you go (burnt orange, challis wool):
Great minds think alike - I also own the dark red! I will try to get around to taking a picture. Yours is the cashmere I take it?
A few things -(a) You don't need a diving watch to go diving these days - in fact, I would recommend you NOT wear one as there is a fair chance you will end up dinging it;(b) No need to buy a Rolex new - let someone else take the hit on depreciation and buy a lightly used second hand watch from a reputable seller;(c) Tag Heuer is fine as a beater watch (I own a quartz Aquaracer, courtesy of my parents), but don't enjoy much love or respect amongst watch collectors / WIS...
AND the plastic crystal
I have the Macclesfield Challis wool tie in burnt orange, which I am very hapy with.
Yep, prefer the no-date version of the Sub (or being pedantic, simply the Submariner, the date version being the Submariner with date), as the dial looks cleaner. Also, it's one less watch I have to adjust the date on! I much prefer the acrylic crystal on the 5513 to the sapphire crystal on the 14060M, but both are great watches: you can't go wrong.Thanks mate.Beautiful gdl. I may, in time, trade my Sub for a more traditional 5513, like yours. I am enjoying the...
I traded my 14060M for this 'transitional' 5513 (transitional because it has white gold surrounds and acrylic crystal):
Love all those watches in the running. I recently traded my 14060M for a 'transitional' 5513 Sub. The next watch in my cross hairs is a 38 mm El Primero.
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