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+1. Pick up some shoe trees or shoe polish, if you going to put them to the trouble of trying on their shoes and then not following through with a purchase.Herringbone and American Tailors both stock C&J but are selling them for prices which are competitive with online vendors, so you might as well support the local bricks and motar store. AT also stock Carmina.Henry Bucks sell Church and, I think, both Loake and Edward Green.McClouds sell Church and Loake and maybe...
Like it - nice pick-up
Thanks guys, that is reassuring.
Looking good CEP - nice collection of ties you have there, and knotted well.
Agreed, I have ordered MOP buttons from them in the past. Not cheap, but great quality and good customer service.
Lovely boots Frank, well done, and thanks for posting shots from the store! Not a big fan of double monks but those look great. What is the leather?
I have got a pair of shoes on the SImpson last on their way. I ordered them in a 7.5, which is my usual size, but am a bit concerned that I should have sized up to a 8. Alan told me he didn't think this was necessary.
Duly noted - TBH I rarely shop or even browse at American Tailors as they seem a bit aloof and disinterested, even when I am suited. So, given the choice of purchasing C&J from Herringbone or AT at the same price, I would chose the former.
I have had good experiences using Katrinas for alterations over the past few years, which have included some larger jobs. The quote does not strike me as unreasonable given what you are requesting. However, there is no way that I would ask an alterations tailor to resize a suit down two whole sizes. Too risky and I suspect you will not be 100% happy with the outcome. Flog the suit (or give to charity) and buy a new one. Bite the bullet.
Pink Socks, Bad karma indeed. I think that Herringbone generally offers far better value than HB etc, although I find their shirt prices a bit OTT for RTW. If it makes you feel better I have been doing my bit for the British economy too, especially that part of the Midlands known as Northampton.
New Posts  All Forums: