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Snap! Enjoying wearing my Carmina Simpsons today and Hober Challis (solid wool, dark red). Pic of the shoes:
That's tame compared to my suit! Unfortunately you'll have to take my word for it as the suit is in storage at the moment.
It seems to be business as usual there, pretty much. I think Kim had a better eye than the current owner, but he is OK. The ladies on the mezzanine level doing the alterations are the same, I understand.Edit: Mistermisterau: no problem, no need to thank me.
I have a charcoal coloured suit with a prominant double stripe. I only wear it in winter. And yes, it does make a bit of a statement, but hey, I don't care. It's paradoxically both conservative and outlandish as only a chalk stripe suit can be.
Well my Carminas on the Simpson last are the narrowest shoes I own. OK for narrow feet but otherwise you would need to go up half a size or chose a different last. I usually wear orthotic insoles - not sure I will be able to use them with these shoes.
The leather seems pretty soft on my shoes. I suspect you are having problems getting along with the last, which is pretty narrow.
Agreed fxh. Intrigued by the "secret blokes" they use.
I just had a new pair of Carmina shoes Topy-ed. I used Master Cobbler in Collins St, between Spencer and King Sts. They charged me $55, although this included toe caps. I have used them once before, for a pair of RM Williams' boots. Re getting Goodyear welted shoes re-soled, I have previously used McClouds, which is one of the few stores left in Australia to still offer this service. I think they charged me around $120 from memory - this was about 1 year ago now. No...
I thought that was NSFW? Oh, you mean my shoes, which I have topy-ed (they are nestled between some non Carmina shoes):
Just got these from the Armoury. They are on the Simpson last. Not the best picture I'm afraid.
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