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That's correct Finn but my watch is the 38 mm version of the El Primero, based more closely on the original A386. See: http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/2011/5/17/comparing-classic-chronographs-zeniths-something-old-vs-some.html http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/2011/4/18/the-best-of-zenith-basel-world-2011-the-stuff-you-wont-see-a.html
Cheers. It actually is the original size (38mm) - the close-up gives the illusion of it being bigger.
Awesome watch! Looks like a very nice example too - clean dial, the hands match the dial and the bevelled edges of the lugs seem to be intact.What I am wearing today:
What a beauty - congrats
I recently tried on the Black Bay and Pelagos at an AD in Melbourne. I really liked both watches although I am coming down on the side of the Pelagos at the moment, as I love the titanium case, the ceramic lumed bezel, and the depth adjusting bracelet - all very cool features. The Pelagos is pretty big and bulky, however, so it is definately a watch for swimming, diving, weekend BBQs etc only. It does have a bit of a Seiko vibe to it, I agree!
Thanks mate, yep, your Sub certainly ticks the colourful box!
Lord Coconut is located in an office building in Flinders Lane, near Elizabeth St. I recently had a brief peek from the outside - it was closed at the time (being a Monday). Looks like he some quite interesting and quirky vintage style 'stuff' (technical term) for blokes. I plan on returning for a proper browse. Lord Cocunut is coincidentally on the same floor as Watchtrader, which recently relocated there.
A fun watch for Friday at work:
Thanks guys for the compliments - I am really enjoying this watch. Derek is another shot taken today:
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