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Thanks mate. It's a really comfortable and practical watch, and a great size for my wrist. Not flashy but understated.
My usual work watch these days:
I haven't posted for quite some time. I have been wearing this most days to work. Ref 16030. Probably a bit plain Jane for many of you but I really respond to the watch's fairly simple aesthetic.
The shoes are C&J's Clifford, the laces are from Mavericks, an Australian business. A bit of fun to brighten the day.
Nice, vintage Subs are the perfect partner for NATO straps. I recently sold my 5513 for a vintage GMT. While you can still rock a NATO with a GMT, the Sub offers more options. Enjoy!
Romp, what watch are you wearing the Natos with?
Fantastic watches Belligero - love them both!I love the blue hue of the GMT bezel. Do you a Pepsi bezel too?I have previously tried on the Grande Reverso GMT and was quite smitten by it.
My new Nomos Orion:
Anyone else notice the new 38.5 mm offering from Dornbluth? Fitted with a completely inhouse movement, the watch is known as the Quintus - available in two models: the Klassik and Auf & Ab (power reserve). More details on Great size for pencil wrist types, such as myself! The Klassik is apparently selling for around 7,000 Euros, and 10,000 for the Auf & Ab.
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