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haven't posted in here for a while. Usual poor quality photos Topman (The shame - first ever Topman purchase -wanted to see if wearing a duffle would make me feel like a primary school kid. Doesn't, so think I'll be picking up a Gloverall) Ralph Continental T and andseron belt (non-vis) Dunhill Church's colours are a lot more washed out in the photo. In real life the trews are a richer green and the shirt redder. heigh ho Substance Ralph andersons (no vis) cos Bally
nice peacoat - whatever possessed you to muck about with the button location?
to the OP - are you UK based (saying this given your avatar)? If so, maybe try Charles Thyrwitt or Loake for your price range
I'd like to see a Belstaff Panther-esque jacket in grey washed lamb leather. Not sure if it'd work, but would be interesting to see!
edwins gone and price drops
Yet again running out of room. Prices include postage worldwide. UK based pm for cheaper rates! Jackets Lot 78 Leather Jacket. 50 $225 It's Lot 78, therefore an amazing leather! Cafe Racer style. Is a slim fitting 50 Garbstore GPO Jacket Size Medium $100 From the first Garbstore season. Great jacket, just too big for me Trousers YMC White jeans 32" $50 Jeans. They are white. Worn once? have red selvage line. Fit similar to NS Shoes & Bags NDC...
i'm interested in the CN trench. Any chance of a few more photos - fit pics, photos of the back? How does it fasten? hidden buttons? How thick is the coat? is it lined?
Raybans ralph ralph ralph cos sperry
Bicester, as mentioned, is often decent. Tk Maxx can also be very good for Ralph. Ralph tends to hit the sales hard in both selfridges and House of Fraser too
Marc Jacobs sunnies (no Vis) Reiss Ralph polo Andersons (no vis) Hackett Sperry Which later became this ha Raybans (no vis) Muji Ralph Continental t Junk De Luxe Tods
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