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My experience has been the same. Truly the best.
The made in America selvedge seem pretty nice. Nice double lined back pockets, heavy pocket bags. Denim seems to be Kuroki Mills. I got a pair and they have stretched a llot.
Thanks Chazz. Thanks for saying what I presume was under the spoiler. Moron.
Than and then are different words.
John, do you mean Stoneridge? If not, where is Stonehenge?
Why not try a menswear store instead of regular chains for your suits?
They have decent stuff out southgate if in Edmonton and I am told even better downtown Calgary.
Searched a bit but could not find anything. I know it has been discussed for boys. So suggestions or links to other threads please. Looking for something with some meaning.
Quick question. Girlfriend's dad owns a small bike shop on the other side of the country. He just sent her a Rocky Mountain Oxygen road bike as a gift. It is a size 51 cm. We have not built it yet but that seems small to me. She is about 5'7, not sure of inseam but at least 30''. Any thoughts?
I have one. Very nice bag and very fair price. Highly recommend.
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